Getting Started with Turing Tumble

Let Marie and Sana take the lead! They will engage with your students as they demonstrate:
  • getting set up
  • how to play
  • the first puzzle

How Turing Tumble is a Computer

What in the world is a mechanical computer? Anna will walk through the differences between a mechanical computer and its electronic counterpart. Show your students:
  • the inside of a computer
  • the microscopic switches inside a processor
  • the logic behind building their own marble-powered computer with Turing Tumble


Educator Guide pdf
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Educator Guide PDF

A companion guide to assist educators in guiding students through the first 30 puzzles. Currently available in English, Dutch, French, German, and Italian. It offers:
  • computer logic lessons
  • breakdown of concepts with classroom tips
  • troubleshooting suggestions for each puzzle
The first four computer logic lessons and puzzle-specific help through challenge 11 are available here as a free download. The complete guide is included with the purchase of a bundle, or for individual sale in our store.

Practice Guide PDF

A detailed guide to ensure you're equipped to answer student questions. It offers:
  • descriptions of how each challenge works to cement important concepts
  • black and white printables to share with the class
  • 30 extra puzzles to help bridge gaps and solidify what they've already learned


Tumble Together Simulator

This simulator created by Rich Twilton provides:
  • 30 puzzles with instructions in the simulator menu
  • online shared rooms that allow students to collaborate on puzzles in real time
  • animation that shows the marbles falling with physics just like the real Turing Tumble


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